Social Responsible Selling Advice

Smart ambition with a beating heart

A company sells a product or a service, that requires entrepreneurship and talent in organizing. Profit- or non-profit: that depends on your vision and goals. You can earn money with your creations and events, but you’ll have to approach this mindfully. That means: a financial plan, a marketing strategy, price determination, short term targets and a long term vision.

This is not to be underestimated, especially if we are going to include social responsibility. That is actually a whole lot! Shrinking governmental grants and the rise of a global market over the internet do not make it easier to choose the proper course of action. And this is exactly where we can help you.
Tailored advice and with the heart in the right place. With attention to your pace and ambitions and always with our own ethics in mind. We can help you do business and organise keeping social impact in mind. 

Your questions and our answers: a clear line

Your path as an entrepreneur and organiser will be scattered with questions. That is where Parts of Culture can help. Would you like to know where and how to sell your work in a socially responsible way? What will it cost? How to build up an audience and what the importance of a good marketing mix is? Do you wish to organize an event or an exposition? Our would you like us to organize that? How to plan a social media strategy? Where to position your product or service in the market? What is a crowdfunding campaign and how to organise one?

As you can see there are a thousand and one questions. But we’d like to help you with the answers and would love to help you in your story. Don’t turn your ambition into a maze: Parts of Culture can be your perfect guide. Parts of Culture wants to be the frame around your art, your entrepreneurship and organising talent.

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